Peach, nectarine and raspberry cobbler

Sometime during my teenage years, Mum acquired a book called Lee Bailey’s Country Desserts. I’m not familiar with Bailey’s further contributions to the planet but this American cookbook encapsulated the simplicity of summer eating.

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Inspect-A-Gadget: Pipe Cutter


The BSG’s new kitchen is officially a pipe dream. I know exactly what it will look like, right down to the handles: copper bars. Trouble is, no one seems to make them. Thus, to save myself further disappointment – not to mention a great deal of money – I have decided to make them from bits of copper pipe, stop-ends and 90 degree elbows…

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Home on the range

The BSG and I have been off the radar lately, as we shuffle our way around decorators and fill endless Hoover bags with paint dust. But we have moved back home, with our new kitchen and our shiny new oven (with rotisserie attachment; never has a barbed prong been the source of such excitement).

Having picked up – about 2 metres away – from where we left off, the BSG is relieved to be settling back into default mode and once more into the bosom of his culinary tomes. Expect great things very soon…

Until then: if ever a breakfast reflected how we feel to be in our house with our legs stretched under the table, I’d say it is this one (the unruly pile of weekend papers is just out of shot).

Egg and soldiers