Inspect-A-Gadget: Pipe Cutter


The BSG’s new kitchen is officially a pipe dream. I know exactly what it will look like, right down to the handles: copper bars. Trouble is, no one seems to make them. Thus, to save myself further disappointment – not to mention a great deal of money – I have decided to make them from bits of copper pipe, stop-ends and 90 degree elbows…

First off, a tinker about with some prototypes. Poised with my puny hacksaw to spend a good 45 minutes getting a wonky edge, I just checked with my friends Google and YouTube on recommended techniques and happened on a tool especially for the task: a pipe cutter. Marked with an arrow indicating which direction to twist in, this has a lovely, simple mechanism and the pipe cuts cleanly after a few twists.

Just mind the fingers on the cut edges. File these down – or better still, buy a burr remover to twist around the cut end after you are done. Keep it firmly locked away from curious hands: the blade is super sharp (and will need replacing from time to time).

Pipe Cutters are around 12 quid from hardware shops and will make you feel like a bit of a pro.



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