Spidery Halloween Lollipops


These are very quick to make and are a bit more fun than doling out handfuls of sweets to each and every gremlin and ghoul that haunts your doorstep this evening. Visit the Party Times to see how I made them. Happy Halloween.


Pumpkin Pie


I’ll admit to having been rather rude in the past about this popular American staple, but I am now a convert. Perhaps the secret to this ‘special relationship’ is because they have looked after so many of my favourite people. Trick or treat? Try it and see…

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Ceiling Mobile


I searched in vain for a mobile for Little Pea that wouldn’t be too in her face/cost a small fortune and inspired by her granny’s superior effort over the summer (see below), I eventually decided to try making one. This yielded mixed results – I am not sure I saved much money and it certainly looks homemade – but she loves it, so thats enough for me.

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