Peach, nectarine and raspberry cobbler

Sometime during my teenage years, Mum acquired a book called Lee Bailey’s Country Desserts. I’m not familiar with Bailey’s further contributions to the planet but this American cookbook encapsulated the simplicity of summer eating.

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Speculoos Ice Cream


My old chum Sarah is half Dutch. At the start of each school term I looked forward to whatever exotic comestibles she’d bring back from visits to her motherland. I remember fondly stroopwaffels, chocolate letters given at Sinterklaas and a thick and rather moreish pea and frankfurter soup (opinion was divided on the latter)…

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Inspect-A-Gadget: Pipe Cutter


The BSG’s new kitchen is officially a pipe dream. I know exactly what it will look like, right down to the handles: copper bars. Trouble is, no one seems to make them. Thus, to save myself further disappointment – not to mention a great deal of money – I have decided to make them from bits of copper pipe, stop-ends and 90 degree elbows…

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Pumpkin Pie


I’ll admit to having been rather rude in the past about this popular American staple, but I am now a convert. Perhaps the secret to this ‘special relationship’ is because they have looked after so many of my favourite people. Trick or treat? Try it and see…

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